We manufacture and install upvc Windows in Norwich & Norfolk

UPVC windows can add an attractive visual appeal to your property. We have a catalogue of 1000’s of upvc windows which can be made to measure for your property.

Within our range, you will find some of the highest energy rated (A+ & A++) windows within the industry.

A lot of our windows are manufactured from 100% recycled UPVC making our products incredible sustainable which we just love.

Our Upvc windows are fitted with a very high security framework with an multiple options of locking systems.

UPVC colour matching on all products with 100% guarantee

We can also offer you a colour match UPVC guarantee which covers all of your windows and doors that you have made and fitted by us. We are able to promise that all of your windows and doors match across the range of our products which also includes roofline products.

This means that when you order a front door in white, that your back door, window frames and all roofing upvc materials will match.

High Security & Energy Efficiency UPVC Windows & Doors

Our upvc windows are durable, robust, long-life with a low maintenance performance. High security is of high importance for your home and we offer an array of security options when choosing your upvc windows.

We cover a spectrum of different energy rated windows. The higher rating the better at keeping your home running efficiently with low energy consumption. Allowing you to save money and stay warm and comfortable.

We also offer slum window frames which allows the glass to be optimised thus maximising the natural light to come through.

We are upvc windows fitters & installers based in Norwich, Noroflk

Our expertise and absolute attention to detail in our measuring, manufacturing and fitting means that we will guarantee our work and products and promise 100% satisfaction.

We have worked with hundreds of clients in the last year and have had 100% positive feedback. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, we will rectify this as an absolute priority. We value our customers highly and put ourselves in your shoes, which is probably the reasons that we are a fast growing Upvc window installation company in Norwich.

Don’t just take our word for it. Please feel free to browse our facebook page where you will see honest open customer reviews.