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The choice of window glazing is in nearly every case considered to be more important than the window frames or window style. This is because the glazing element can contribute the biggest improvement when insulating your home. The other elements that contribute to the efficiency of your window are the frames and the quality of workmanship from the double glazing installer.

There are many different types of window glazing configurations available to choose from, the most common of these is known as double-glazing.  The use of double glazing is so widespread today that the term is often used generically to refer to all new and replacement windows.  However, it’s not as black and white as that and there are important choices to be made when considering your glazing.  Technology and materials improve constantly with an ever-increasing range of options that should be considered.  For that reason, a “double glazing installer” should offer more than fitting the standard double glazed window in each case.  At NC Windows we consider glazing choice critical, we listen to your objective and build your solution from the glazing upward, not every “double glazing installer” in Norwich & Norfolk takes this approach.

Below will help give you some basic technical information about glazing in general. The construction method and mechanics of the glazing panel provide a baseline with the choice of glass used in that panel providing the second stage element. The two combined deliver the final outcome.

Panel Construction

Double Glazing

Two glass pane are manufactured as one solid single panel unit with a layer of insulating inert gas sealed in between each pan.   The quality of these panels is important as a gas leak will immediately reduce the efficiency of your glazing panel.  At NC Windows we us the highest quality FENSA approved panels.  FENSA approval means the panels we use automatically comply with the latest building regulations .  We also specify and use panels with dimensional ratio of 1:2:1 glass-gas-glass in our panels which provides the best performance.

Double Glazing Construction

double glazing NC Windows

The double glazing construction method delivers:

  • Low condensation
  • High insulation potential
  • Better light control potential
  • Noise reduction potential

A double glazing construction can be further customized by using specific glass to optimise for light, noise or insulation, see further information below.

Double-glazing is mass produced product, benefits from economies of scale and provides a good all-round performance Glazing panels are compatible with all frame types and can be customised.  Double glazing panels are integrated at lowest cost into UPVC frames, where they are easier to mass produce as complete assembled units. A typical double glazing installer in Norwich and Norfolk will be able to fit a double glazed system using all frame types.

Triple Glazing

Uses the same laminate glass-gas-glass technique as double glazing but with three panes of glass instead of one.  The biggest difference with this type of assembly is greater insulation, achieved via extra glass and double gas insulating layers.

Construction method benefits

  • Lower condensation
  • Higher insulation potential
  • Higher light control potential
  • Higher Noise reduction potential
triple glazing from NC Windows

Triple-glazing has the same compatibility as double glazing, its biggest attraction is a higher insulation potential. Triple glazing is more costly due to the increased complexity and material content in making it. Whilst it delivers superior insulation performance it is not as prevalent as double glazing so benefits less from volume production.  Triple-glazing suits homes which will benefit from it’s improved performance as a trade-off against higher cost, particularly if measured as payback in efficiency over longer term.

Secondary Glazing

Suited only for old buildings where the outside can’t be modified or the aesthetics can’t be changed.  Without those restrictions a double or triple glazed panel makes more sense.

Types of Glass

Choice of glass in your glazing panels can add an extra level of customisation and benefits.

See a selection and brief description of the main glass types we install.

Low E-energy Saving Glass Reduced heat loss and energy expenditure
Acoustic Glass Improved noise reduction, particularly useful near roads
Self-Cleaning Glass Suited mainly for hard-to-reach windows or conservatory roofs etc..
Safety Glass Supplied as either toughened or laminated to prevent jagged edges or shattering in the event of a break.  Good for overhead windows and on doors
Decorative Glass Crystal, lead, coloured, stained, patterned
Solar Control Glass Specially coated glazing designed to control more precisely the light level and heat passed through into the interior

The combination of glass/panels used would depend on primary purpose

Noise reduction 70mm PVC frame – triple glazed units
Insulation 70mm PVC frame – double glazed low e-saving glass units
Optical control 70mm PVC frame – double glazed solar control glassed units

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Our Quality Guarantee

NC Windows are FENSA approved, a government authorised scheme for building regulation compliance & standards. We are also CPA (Consumer Protection Association) members. This means that 100% of our work is independently covered under the CPA insurance guarantee.

For materials we only use BFRC approved A+ rated windows which contain high-quality GGF glass and are produced by ISO9001 certified manufacturers.

FENSA registered
Consumer Protection Association