Why fit replacement wooden windows in Norwich & Norfolk?

Across Norwich & Norfolk wooden windows are still prevalent. Wood by default was the only frame material in use prior to plastic and aluminium mass production. Therefore there are many houses ranging widely in age from several centuries right up to today. Many properties still have their original wooden windows installed. In some cases it’s beneficial to replace wooden windows with a more modern material. But equally there are situations where wood is the only sensible option. NC Windows fits new build or replacement wooden windows in Norwich and Norfolk if it meets the end goal for the customer and delivers the right solution. Below are some of the considerations for this material.

Wooden Window Cost

The cost of wood can vary dramatically by type but in broad terms windows frames are either made of softwood or hardwood.


  • Quick to make, easy to customize and comes at the lowest raw material cost.
  • Has higher maintenance costs due to being less durable e.g. needs regular coating.
  • Has a lower likely lifespan due to lower resistance to the elements.


  • Raw material can be expensive – particularly if a heritage replacement e.g. oak frames.
  • Has higher maintenance costs due to being less durable e.g. needs regular coating.
  • If maintained well has a very long lifespan, particularly if a high starting quality of wood.

Your window frame costs may be somewhat predetermined if you are working with old properties. This is because listed buildings will require like-for-like replacement materials. Even if an older property isn’t listed, retaining original property style and character usually helps hold or increase value.

Wooden Window Style

Wood is the winner when it comes to achieving a classic look either for new build or replacement wooden windows. Popular styles include sash windows, box sash windows and bay windows.
Wood is also used to produce common window styles such as casement, where more often softwoods are used.
Wooden windows can be painted in any colour. For a real traditional heritage look hardwoods with grain structure such as oak provide unique character and authenticity. In those cases, the finish of the wood is the focus.

Wooden Window Material

Earlier we mentioned wooden frames generally fall into the category of hardwoods or softwoods.

Hardwood is made of a structure which blends four different types of cell. For that reason, it’s very strong and hard-wearing. The blend of the wood also delivers that beautiful grain structure. Hardwood requires the most work in preparation and shaping before it’s ready to install.

Softwood is less dense and is comprised of two cell types. It’s much easier to manipulate and softwood is more common so it’s more environmentally sustainable. Softwood also delivers better thermal performance than hardwood frames.

Some woods commonly used are:

  • Sapele – Hardwood
  • Oak – Hardwood
  • Redwood – Softwood
  • Accoya – Softwood

When fitting new or replacement wooden windows in Norwich we consider the quality of wood and workmanship in the frame construction. From a performance point of view, whatever the material choice, it is the glazing which will contribute the most.

Wooden Window Security

The key consideration with wooden frames is to keep them maintained. A rotten window frame provides a security weak point. Generally speaking, softwoods are the most vulnerable once rot sets in.

Wooden window frames aren’t as mechanically integrated by design as an aluminium or UPVC window. For that reason, a bit more attention needs to be given to the locking mechanisms. For casement style windows look for interlocking between frame and window as opposed to just securing the handle. If the casement style is flush, then look for lockable mortice rack bolts. For sash windows look for sash-stop mechanisms which prevent levering of the window and also allow part-open locking for ventilation.

NC Windows can help you work out if wooden windows are the right material choice. We regularly fit replacement wooden windows in Norwich & Norfolk and also consult on new build designs. Wooden windows can provide the perfect look. The key is to make the right choice in wood and build the right quality into the frame design.

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Our Quality Guarantee

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For materials we only use BFRC approved A+ rated windows which contain high-quality GGF glass and are produced by ISO9001 certified manufacturers.

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