How to choose a window company in Norwich & Norfolk

There are many window companies in Norwich and the Norfolk area to choose from. Each promotes different products, materials and takes different approaches to the job. At NC Windows we are a Norwich window company founded and run by window fitters with over 40 years combined experience in the trade. We are solution led and not sales led. This means that if you need help with your windows, you’ll always be talking directly with company fitters rather than salesman. Above all, our company approach is to make sure we understand what you want and that you are technically well informed.

Unlike larger national window companies, we have no sales targets to hit. Ultimately our goal is your goal, to find the most suitable window solution for you and to provide a great local service to the Norwich and Norfolk area. In addition, dealing with a Norfolk window company makes it easier to organise punctual meetings and set firm timescales for your project. You can also check out previous work done ahead with assurance of local aftercare once your windows are installed.

To help you get started, below are some of the key aspects to consider when thinking about new or replacement windows plus what to look for in all window companies in Norwich and Norfolk.

Window style

Different circumstances trigger the decision to have new windows installed. Whatever that reason, whether new build or replacement windows, the look and matching of your windows to the rest of your home is usually first consideration.

The four main elements are below:

  • Construction style
  • Colour
  • Material choice
  • Glazing choice.

The construction style that best suits your window will depend on either the age and architecture of your property or the look for the building you’re trying to achieve. For example, if your property is of a certain age or is built using a heritage architectural style then it’s more likely you would be looking for traditional sash windows (sash box windows). Whereas if your aim is a more modern look, then it’s more likely that a variety of casement window or flush-casement window would appeal.

There are variations on all these styles and optional customisation that can be introduced. For example adding Georgian bars or other decorations either in the glass itself or by segmenting the glass can further modify the look and feel of your window. A final consideration is the internal style where you may want to specify your handles to tie in with the feel of your rooms. At NC Windows, our company supports all standard window styles plus any bespoke construction or modifications needed for that extra finishing touch.

After style comes colour choice, historically windows were somewhat limited in colour range and the range on offer depended on the choice of material used. However, today, whatever material your windows are made of, you can pretty much get the custom colour you want. We recommend that the external side of the window be colour coordinated in keeping with your external facade to retain or improve kerb appeal. In addition, another consideration is the colour for the inside which can be separately specified and give you more scope for matching or interior design.

Window Cost

If you already know or are homing in on the aesthetic look and style for your windows, then an appreciation of cost goes hand-in-hand. Similarly to all products there’s a scale and price range for everything. However, as a rough guide window costs are influenced mainly by:

  • Style + any extra options
  • Construction material
  • Window glazing specification
  • Quality and efficiency rating plus warranty and guarantee level

You may have a fixed budget in mind and want to work out the best options for your money. Alternatively you want to specify something totally bespoke. Either way, look for a local windows company in Norwich or Norfolk where design, planning and install is all done in-house. This way you know 100% that you’re getting local support from design, installation and throughout the life of your windows. At NC Windows, every window our company installs is fitted by our own Norwich based tradesman and fully backed by our guarantee. You can find details of our guarantee at the bottom of this page.

Window Materials

There are three main materials used for new or replacement windows:

Occasionally we fit composite windows containing a combination of the above. Each material has pros and cons. In addition, material choice will depend on the style + look needed for your property and your project budget.

Typical material costs from high to low:

There will be several window companies in Norwich who still fit softwood windows but we don’t. Whilst softwood windows offer the lowest cost, there is a poor trade-off against quality, performance and lifespan. For more details about all these window materials and to understand these trade-offs please see the links above.

Window Efficiency & Quality

The main measure for window performance is thermal and energy efficiency. The three main contributing factors for this are frame, glazing and quality of installation. Materially glazing is the largest influence of the two. To regulate construction and performance a technical industry standard for material and window construction is detailed in BS 6375. However, to make it easier for the public a standardised window energy rating system is used and applied by the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council).

Energy rated Norwich window company in Norfolk
Norwich window company in Norfolk

At NC Windows we only fit BFRC A+ rated windows or higher. It’s worth checking this out as not all window companies in Norwich follow this practice.

Window Installation & Guarantee

Below are the key checklist items to expect from window companies in Norfolk:

  • FENSA installation approval
    Building regulations replacement window approval – (Automatic if FENSA approved)
  • Insurance backed guarantee
  • BFRC rated Windows
  • Glass manufactured by GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation) members
  • Windows manufactured to BS ISO9001 process standards

NC Windows are FENSA approved, a government authorised scheme for building regulation compliance & standards. We are also CPA (Consumer Protection Association) members. This means that 100% of our work is independently covered under the CPA insurance guarantee. In other words, it means that in the unlikely event our company ceases to trade your windows are still covered.

For materials we only use BFRC approved A+ rated windows which contain high-quality GGF glass and are produced by ISO9001 certified manufacturers.

Due to the above, we are a Norfolk window company that can back ALL of our work with a standard 10-year guarantee. In some circumstances, we can extend that guarantee if the materials chosen are qualifying.

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We hope this guide is useful and we know there are lots of window companies in Norfolk to choose from. Give NC Windows a call on 01603 528022 and we’re confident our Norfolk window company will stand out from the crowd.