3 Key Points: Choosing A Composite Door Norwich & Norfolk

Composite Doors Norwich Norfolk

Point 1: Considering composite door prices.

Ok, so you have seen these really impressive looking composite doors that are popping up on all modern new build or renovated homes. They look impressive don’t they? You want one too no doubt and you are probably wondering how much am I looking to pay for a composite door?

Well the answer if very much like saying “how long is a piece of string” and like most things in life, you will tend to get what you pay for.

Off-the-shelf composite doors can be purchased £300. What you have to ask yourself is “does this door meet my expectations” or more so is it going to uphold exactly what I need it to do, in this case “keep my warm in the winter” and of course secure at all times.

You can spend well in excess of £1,200 on a composite door. And having an expert to fit the door in just as imperative as the actual door itself.

Here at NC Windows, We offer a complete bespoke composite door service, We will visit you at your home or premises and go through all of the options on offer. We cover a wide area of East Anglia and in particular Norwich & Norfolk.

Point 2: The design of your composite door?

Craig Leggett, our managing director says:  “Living in a listed building or a conservation area may have its limitations. You will need to check with the relevant authorities to find out imposed restrictions or limitations on the design of your composite door“.

As a property owner you have free reigns to select whatever door design you wish. Some customers wish to base elements of a house renovation around their window frames and composite doors.

Point 3: Shall I save money & fit the composite door myself?

Neal Smith - Composite Door Installer

Neal Smith – Composite Door Installer

We all want to save money where we can and DIY is becoming incredibly fashionable and of course beneficial from a money-saving point of view.

Neal Smith, NC Windows Installation Team says: We fit lots of composite doors across Norwich & Norfolk and even further afield, a door fitting is something that we feel should be carried out by an expert. A door fitting is something that you can quite easily make a mistake with.

We have been called out quite a few times in the last 12 months by customers who wanted to save money and fit the door’s themselves. We understand that the money saving aspect is attractive but the cost of installing a composite door is really quite inexpensive and most people are simply unaware of this.

Take a look at one of our customers latest reviews:

Very happy customer – brilliant job. Friendly, polite and helpful service, great finish on the doors and the place left cleaner and tidier than when you arrived. Definitely recommending.

We are experts in not just installations of composite doors but everything involved such as advice and design. Please see examples of our latest work which includes a selection of our door installations.

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